More new and exciting educational ventures

I've officially begun yet another chapter in my educational life, this one with my own children again. I have become a Mr. Mom.

Like most educators I have the good fortune to have summers off, unfortunately as a substitute teacher summers off mean summers without pay. No pay means no day care unless I find another crap job and I really don't want to do that especially with the grand, yet daunting, opportunity to be at home full time with my children.

This year it's a bit different though. The two older ones, six and four years old, can more or less supervise themselves, but the new one added earlier this year requires as much attention as any infant which makes this task all the more daunting. Wish me luck.

Ed U. Cayshun


Bryce Eddings said...

Good luck and have fun with them diapers!

Ed U. Cayshun said...

So far so good! These early diapers aren't too bad...just wait till they smell!