Five months and no post?

The truth is that I have been hiding for the past five months and not posted anything because I could think of anything great to say. Really I couldn't think of anything Positive to say. At the end of the last school year, May 2007, I got the pleasure of serving a long-term assignment at a school that I really like. As a plus that assignment was as an Elementary Gym teacher. I got to play games all day, and I got paid for it.

The honeymoon was over about the third week into my month long assignment when the fifth grade class that was commonly regarded as the worst entered the gym. Not wanting to go into exhausting detail we had one very rough hour. To make things worse I received NO support from the teacher whom I was subbing, the classroom teacher, the other teacher who works with the classroom teacher of record, nor the principal. I was advised to lust let them sit out if they didn't want to play soccer (be "yard fags" as the kids called it).

It was that day that I began counting down the hours till I was finished. Since then I have not been in a classroom as a teacher and have been generally happy serving as a full time father. I do have much greater respect for the stay-at-home-moms now and fully believe that they deserve the repute $138,000 salary that their work is worth in the labor market.