Corporal punishment, anyone?

What a great news story I came across the other day, all the more significant to me because I grew up near St. Louis.

Teacher Makes 7-Year-Old Hit Himself
By Associated Press
MANCHESTER, Mo. - A music teacher who twice ordered a seven-year-old pupil to hit himself in the head with drum mallets will not return to the Parkway School District next year.
The incident happened on February Ninth in teacher Paul Provencio's music class at Carman Trails Elementary School in suburban St. Louis.
State officials say the 36-year-old teacher intended the head-banging as a lesson to Justin Barricklow about hitting the drums too hard.
The Missouri Department of Social Services investigated the case at the request of the boy's father, Scott Barricklow, who works as a groundskeeper for the Parkway district.
Provencio has since apologized. School officials called the incident "unprofessional and totally inappropriate."

Yet another dumb ass teacher to take jobs from people like me AND make us all look bad!

Ed U. Cayshun

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