Teachers; too many, too few?

Got an alert from Google today about a news story detailing the U.S. Department of Education's recent grant to the University of Texas for financial incentives for teachers who do a good job. One aim of the grant is to recruit teachers in hard-to-staff schools. This puzzles me! In the area in which I choose to reside, this state by the way has one of the nation's worst economies, teachers seem to be a dime a dozen, or at least 400 applicants per job opening.

My quandary is now, why does Texas, and a few other states, have a "teacher shortage" whereas my state is lousy with teachers who can't find jobs? It can't really be the baby-boomers who just choose not to retire up here. Nor can it solely be the crappy economy, which I would think would make people want to retire. Maybe it's the worst possible combination of many factors. Maybe you could enlighten me!

I would simply ask the University of Texas, the Department of Education, and who ever else will listen, to come to some of these other states which have a surplus of teachers and recruit some of them to travel south! Just a suggestion and we all know the government's ability to hear suggestions!

Ed U. Cayshun

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Salty Dawg said...

Sounds like you have the answer but I agree, when does the gov. ever listen to reason.

I find it interesting that the economy is in the pits in your area. I work in manufacturing and in our area the economy is booming. People who are willing to take a welding job with no experience required are nearly impossible to find.