I'm not given to surveys but I had to ask a question

I'm not a big fan of surveys but I have to ask one question, or at least pose one hypothetical situation.

If the god/goddess/gods/goddesses of education, the minster of education, the president, etc, came to you and said you could do ONE thing to improve education in the United States of America, what would you suggest? No restrictions on budget, senate approval or granting of wishes from the ed fairy.


Bryce Eddings said...

This is really a tough question, isn't it? Is there really one thing that could improve education? How about I take one of the conditions of your question as my answer - unlimited funding so each district to could improve whatever specific problems they have. It's kind of a cop-out answer but what do you want from me?

Anonymous said...

Give us a way to make parents respond to their child's needs. If we could make disinterested parents take a true interest in their offspring's education, really teach them to value education, what a difference it would make!

Ed U. Cayshun said...

I can't ask the question without answering it I guess. Here is my suggestion although it is kind of a cop out:

I agree with anonymous who said make parents more involved in thier children's education! If parents were concerned enough to help with school/home work, actually come to parent teacher conferences, ask the teacher where they can help their child improve, etc. This would make a world of difference!