Many thanks for a great job!

In the effort not to seem like a glass-is-half-empty kind of guy I decided to write something positive this time. I recently got the opportunity to do a guest teacher assignment at a wonderful school. In my whoops and hollers of thankfulness I began to wonder, what makes this district so much better than all the others I have visited in the past year?

This is purely speculation on my point because I have no real data to back up my hypothesis but I attribute the quality of the school to great parenting. As backing to my assumption I would like to offer the following: The children in this school district are respectful which allows the teachers to do a better job teaching. Because the teacher can do a better job teaching the children learn more. Because the children learn more they can do better on the mandated tests. Because they do better on the tests the school gets better recognition and a better reputation. Because of the better reputation better teachers want to teacher there. Because better teachers teach there the students do better. Sounds pretty cyclical to me, and all because parents cared enough to teach their children respect.

Thanks parents!

Ed U. Cayshun

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Anonymous said...

I tell all of my friends who are worried about where to send their kids -- It's not the school so much as it is the parent's interest in the kid's education. Interested parents = successful students. This means supportive, loving parents with a stable home.