New educational venture on the horizon

It is official, I have begun a new educational venture for myself and my six-year-old; I'm going to be a Tiger Cub Scout leader in the fall!

It all began when I first found out that my wife and I were going to have a boy back in 2000. One of the first things that I thought of was getting to do all the fun stuff that we already enjoyed; camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, etc. However, When I thought of doing this with my son Boy Scouts was the first thing that came to my mind and he and I get to start on the ground floor together as Tiger Cub Scouts.

Earlier this week I met with the other pack leaders and I brought home a grocery sack overflowing with things and information for me to look at in planning next fall as leader. While perusing the book one other thing jumped out at me a key to the scouts, the real values taught through scouts. I'm not talking religious values, rather ones that every child these days need; honor, respect, honesty, love for country (no matter who is in the slightly circular shaped office and whether or not he's NOT having sexual relations with that woman). The hiking, camping, canoeing, etc. will have to wait until actual Boy Scouts but we still have fun doing that as a family.

Wish me luck on my new experience!

Ed U. Cayshun

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L said...

Hi, first thanks for dropping by my blog and good luck with the boy scout venture, surely you will have a great time and experience! Dont forget to write about it!

Anyway to answer your question of where i stand, yeah my view point is pretty close to yours but i have not been raised in the States nor i have ever wielded a gun, i have not even seen a real gun in my life. But from my experiences and knowledge, proper gun education, even just proper education, how you are raised and the enviroment you're in, any sensible person will not use a gun to commit unlawful acts no matter how bad the situation.

Though having easy access to firearms can be dangerous, Anybody can lose control of them self. And go commit such acts if they're pushed into a corner, no matter how well educated and sensible that person is.

So really if that interview was real, the woman didnt really have any sense or brain. Giving kids proper training and education about firearms wouldnt cause any problems, Just like a well raised and educated girl will never go work at a freeway because her conscience will not allow her. Unless they're pushed into a corner and have no way out. But there's always a way out :)