Priorities anyone?

It seems that all I seem to do on this bog so far has bellyache about how schools are in dire financial straits due to fiscal decisions that come from up on high. I’m pleased to note that I will not be doing any complaining in this entry about how political decisions affect schools. Instead this entry will be about how voters, certain school administrators and a school board can effectively and collectively screw the pooch.

At a local district I had the pleasure of serving in for one wonderful (note the sarcasm) day last spring I struck up a conversation with a teacher. She began telling me about how there would not be any jobs coming open within the district for the upcoming year because the teachers still had no contract and had been working without a contract for three years. While this isn’t so disheartening by itself, the real distressing issue came when we changed subjects to the multi-million dollar sports complex that was under construction as we spoke.

The farsighted voters of the district had seen fit to pass a bond issue to build a new track, football field, baseball and softball field, soccer field, stands and all the accompanying field houses. I can think of little more to say than, “What the hell were you thinking?” Teachers are the lifeblood of that school and so far they have been crapped upon for three, now four, years in a row, no new teachers are being hired and some were possibly laid off, but who gives a big fat donkey turd, they got a new, beautiful place to play ball!

Ed U. Cayshun


Bryce Eddings said...

I have to wonder how the music and drama departments are doing in that district.

Ed U. Cayshun said...

Having not served in the arts deaprtment there I would guess that those areas suffer even greater than other areas. I actually feel that the arts, specifically art and music classes, are a great for kids because they offer variety in an otherwise same-ole day. However, those classes appears to be seen as expendable when the spectre of financial hardships raises his ugly head.

Thanks for the comment!