From industry to the classroom: the best educators come with experience.

It's nice to see that industry, or "the real world," brings teachers in with more knowledge to impart to students. My information comes from the Wilmington, Delaware News Journal article, and my own experience. I have on several occasions used my past experience to either teach or reinforce lessons in the classroom and I'm glad to see this happening all over the country.

However, I heard a story, I have nothing more than what I heard to back it up mind you, from St. Louis about an aerospace engineer who retired from Boeing who wanted to teach in his golden years. His PhD. in engineering would make one think that he is perfectly capable of teaching high school physics, higher math maybe even other science classes but the Department of Education in Missouri disagreed. According to the story I heard he wasn't "highly qualified" by the standards set forth by No Child Left Behind. One more reason that I hope our legislators see fit to let it die!

Ed U. Cayshun

P.S. I should add that I admit that I voted for Bush twice, not so much because I thought he was the best candidate but rather that we was better than the others at the time. Remember, politics is a toilet and you have to choose the turd that floats the highest.

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