Kids DO say the darndest things.

Sometimes I'm amazed by my children. OK, I'm always amazed but them but earlier today I had to laugh in amazement at my four-year-old.

Like most children's' rooms his is a disaster. The books, stuffed animals, toy cars and legos are actually treacherous to navigate with bare feet. As with our other summer vacation days he slept in while I sat mindlessly watching the television holding my infant son. About 8:30 he arose and came to snuggle with us on the couch. After a few minutes we began discussing our agenda for the day which is supposed to include a trip to the video store. However, I preceded the topic with Mommy's instructions that his room must be cleaned today. Questioning why he needed to clean his room he clearly pointed out a fact to me. With his big blue eyes and bed-head hairdo that he had, "made a path" through his room.

In fact the path was quite navigable if you wanted to access the bed or the toy chest but with the innocent questioning expression I could only laugh, which he though was great because he was the center of attention. Needless to say the soft spot in my heart for the overwhelming cuteness made me forget the untidiness of the room and as I type this nearer lunchtime than morning his room is still not cleaned. I know that I am weak, but what can I say, he was just too damned charming!

Ed U. Cayshun

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