A reflection on the comments on my first blog

I rarely, if ever, show things that I have written to anyone but on this, my first ever venture into the world of blogging, I thought my first reader should be someone that I trust, my Mother. I called her and told her the address of my blog and had her read it. Her comments on my first post were simple; this bit of writing is pretty inflammatory. As I stewed on that, missed some sleep and woke up angry I got to thinking more about my blog. Yeah, I changed somethings after it was published, but one thing stuck with me. All I really want to accomplish with this blog is have a creative outlet and possibly vent a little bit. With that said I want to add this disclaimer so that there can be no further confusion as to any further posts.

Disclaimer: This blog is about nothing more than my thoughts and emotions or stories that I feel like telling. I know that my opinions are strong ones and often inflammatory or abrasive, but they are my thoughts and feelings. I don't want to change the world with this foray into the murky world of online blogging, merely write and get somethings off my chest. If I offend you, I'm sorry. If you disagree with me, please comment. Through social discourse a better understanding can be built, and I admit even my own ideas have been modified in the past through talking with someone. Please don't read more into this than what it is.

Ed U. Cayshun

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