I'm embarrassed to admit but...

I feel a bit childish and am a bit embarrassed to admit but I'm really looking forward to something that is set to happen tomorrow, July 21st; the release of the new, and last Harry Potter book.

I had never really been an avid reader except a time in my life when I was working a late shift at a radio station. That eight to midnight shift afforded me a lot of time to sit an read between mindless chatter, weather reports and pushing play on the CD players. My appreciation started when I was given a list of 30 books to read for my Children's literature class in college and the first book of the Harry Potter series was on that list. Following that class I let Harry sit until a few years later when My family hosted a German foreign exchange student who initially got my wife into Harry Potter. Not wanting to be left out of the discussions I chose to read the books rather than rely on Hollywood's versions of the books. I devoured the books at home and while subbing in High Schools, which also afford time to sit and read and now I have only one story left to finish the series.

It's hard for me to imagine my excitement as being solely based on my love of the characters, I think part of it is , finally finding out what happens to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, seeing Harry grow into a full fledged wizard and mostly that this concludes the whole journey.

At any rate, the final book is supposed to be here tomorrow and I can't wait to read it!

Ed U. Cayshun

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