Harry Potter is finished!

I finished the final chapter in the Harry Potter series. It only took me about eight hours of reading scattered throughout four days but I finished it and I'm kind of sad! The series is finished, no more tales of the exploits of the boy wizard.

I guess that what I most want to know is how others felt about the book. I loved it, especially how it tied up loose ends with characters from all the other books as well as added the view into later life for some characters.

I'll stop typing now so that I don't inadvertently give something away other than it is a great book and a great series that everyone must read, especially if you have students who will be reading the books!

Ed U. Cayshun


Bryce Eddings said...

I've heard it called Post-Potter Depression.

sparkofblue said...

I liked the last Harry Potter, but I was disappointed to see that Draco Malfoy is just sort of... left. I feel like Rowling just sort of dropped him. I wasn't too fond of the last chapter either, it's too far a jump ahead in time. But I REALLY liked the way Ron's character evolved and resolved in this book, and I also really liked how Snape was explained. I thought it was a good ending to a very loved series. : )